Welcome to Eclipse Energy Labs



Eclipse Energy is an accredited, independent battery testing laboratory.  Our laboratory specializes in lead acid battery testing while also testing other chemistries of batteries, including lithium and nickel metal cells.  Eclipse Energy can test to many different standards such as BCI, SAE, JIS, EN, VDA, TSC, etc.  If needed, Eclipse Energy can also create customized test protocols which can then be carried out for application specific studies.

Eclipse Energy is used by many verticals of the battery industry including battery manufactures, OE manufacturers, and users of battery critical applications.  With such  a diverse group of customers,  it is imperative test results and information are kept strictly confidential.  As such, Eclipse Energy makes customer confidentiality one of its top priorities.

We understand there are different situations for different companies. Sometimes internal space for testing is limited and additional capacity is needed.  Perhaps, an OEM is requiring independent testing. Maybe a battery critical application needs verification and analysis. Whatever the situation maybe, Eclipse Energy is reliable solution to your battery testing needs.

Excellence in results is exemplified by our commitment to ISO 17025 standards.  We are accredited by A2LA.  Click here to view our certificate and scope of accreditation.