Meet Eclipse Energy

Eclipse Energy was formed in 2011, but its history and team go back much further. Members of the Eclipse Energy team have worked together for over 25 years.

Robert (Bob) L. Galyen: BOARD MEMBER

Bob is an Energy Storage Technology Executive with experience in large corporations (ATL, CATL, Magna, Delphi, GM) and small entrepreneurial businesses (Tawas, Indie Power Systems, World Energy Labs). He recently received the prestigious China “Friendship Award”​ in 2015 and received the title “National Distinguished Expert”​ from the People’s Republic of China Government Talent 1000 Plan in 2014. Bob is currently CTO of Contemporary Amperex Technology Company Limited in NingDe, Fujian Province, PRC. CATL specializes in clean technology lithium ion battery systems used in electric vehicles and high efficiency storage systems. He one of the favored speakers on the xEV and ESS conference programs. In professional organizations he has held the Chairmanship of SAE International Battery Standards Steering Committee for 8 years (with 22 Committees reporting to him) and is Chairman of NAATBatt International. He also serves on Senator Lugar’s Advisory Board for Renewable Energy at IUPUI, the Dean’s Executive Advisory Council at Ball State University and the National Fire Protection Agencies Board of Advisers. He holds a Master’s degree in Chemistry and has 40 years experience in battery technology.

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Michael Galyen: BOARD MEMBER

In 2009 Michael was hired on by his father, Bob Galyen, at Tawas Inc. where he worked in the materials analysis laboratory. During his tenure at Tawas Inc., Michael worked with a variety of customers to assist in testing and analysis of their products. This included operating analytical testing equipment and electrical testing equipment. In 2010 Tawas Inc. was sold to Magna E-Car. Michael participated in the relocation of Tawas Inc.’s materials analysis lab to Auburn Hills, MI. There, he worked for Magna E-Car as the Materials Laboratory Manager. During this time he also continued his role as the battery lab manager for the location in Anderson, IN. In these rolls, Michael oversaw the implementation of ISO 17025 accreditation in both laboratories and expanded the capabilities of each facility, while growing the customer base. The materials laboratory conducted failure analysis for the automotive sector, saving millions of dollars in cost avoidance ,and the battery laboratory saw more growth than it had in any of its previous years.

In 2012 Michael left Magna E-Car to devote his full attention to Eclipse Energy. He assumed the role of President of Eclipse Energy where he continued to serve the battery industry. During his time at Eclipse Energy, Michael has worked to expand the company’s capabilities by more than tripling the number of test channels, growing their scope of accreditation to ISO17025, and orchestrating a move to a new facility that is double in size to their original location. Michael serves on various committees within the industry, including SAE’s Starter Battery Committee, Battery Council International’s Technical, Deep Cycle & EV, and Industrial Battery and Charger Committees. He is also a member of NaatBatt. Beyond testing, Michael has had the opportunity to work within various segments of the energy storage sector including; data centers, sub stations, telecommunication sites, and island microgrids.”

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David Roberts: BOARD MEMBER

David is the Chief Innovation Officer at IEDC. The Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) leads the state of Indiana’s economic development efforts, helping businesses launch, grow and locate in the state. Additionally, David is an attorney at Gutwein Law. Having been in both external and internal legal counsel roles, he understands that the most valuable attorneys are a combination of risk translator and strategic business consultant. His prior roles return value by providing pragmatic advice and understanding the real implications of decisions business have to make.

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Ben Wrightsman: Board member

Ben is an innovative, solutions driven leader with 17 years of experience in leading new product introduction, prototyping, product ramp, production, service, and product support teams composed of engineers, program and project managers, customer service, and procurement. He has proven success in driving efficiency, growth, profitability, vertical/horizontal integration in a global business environment.

Ben’s specialties include: Product realization, team building, customer satisfaction, focusing technology, product identity, technical marketing, competitive acquisitions, global business and relationship building, supply chain negotiations and setup, value based cost reduction, procurement, program management, and Lean Six Sigma.

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Dell Crouch: Battery Expert

Dell has over 50 years of battery experience and is a fantastic resource for Eclipse Energy. He has worked in positions at Catalyst Research Group, Exide, NL Industries, GNB, Evanite, Delphi, Railpower, Magna, and Samsung SDI. Some of the highlights of Dell’s career include:

  • Molten salt cell development for Venus space probe and electric utility load leveling.
  • AGM separator development. Did original work in AC impedance measurements vs saturation level. Presented work at first LABAT conference in Bulgaria, BCI battery separator committee. Wrote standard for sweep voltammetry method to check for separator impurities.
  • Responsible for EV1 battery control module algorithms and EV1 battery pack cycle life and characterization.
  • Experience in telecom standby power, T6 tank AGM batteries, technology surveillance, hybrid diesel electric locomotives.
  • Written numerous industry papers and participated on numerous industry technical committees. He also has multiple patents within the fields of batteries and control algorithms for battery systems.
Chris Murphy: Lab Manager

Chris has worked in a laboratory environment since 2003. He started his career at Roche Diagnostics as a scientific specialist and was responsible for process validation and quality assurance of incoming raw materials. He further honed his skills at Tawas Inc. where he worked in the materials laboratory. There, Chris analyzed many types of materials from a wide variety of applications. This work required him to be extremely versatile and knowledgeable on how to operate different types of analytical instruments including; ICP, GDS, SEM-EDX, XRD, DSC, TGA, and more. Much of the work Chris conducted in the materials laboratory was centered on battery analysis, both in lithium and lead chemistries. From there, Chris transitioned into electrical testing of batteries.  Because of Chris’s extensive background in laboratory testing, he also manages Eclipse Energy’s quality system.

Jeff Robbins: Test Manager

Jeff has dealt with batteries since 1993, working as a laboratory technician and test supervisor. Jeff started his career in the battery lab that tested batteries for GM’s EV1. He was hired there by Bob Galyen and has worked for Bob ever since, which is a true testament to his work ethic, loyalty, and knowledge. Jeff is well versed in many different types of battery cycling and testing equipment. He has also worked with many different chemistries and battery designs ranging from small lithium and lead acid cells to very large lead acid batteries. Additionally, Jeff has assisted in getting several laboratories across North America up and running. His expertise and familiarity with battery test procedures, battery systems, and battery test equipment allows Jeff to create customized test setups for specific testing requirements.

Tony Wilde: Lab Director

Tony has almost 30 years in the energy storage field. He has worked as a battery test engineer, lab manager, and test technician with various companies in North America as well as helping to set up a battery lab in China. He has vast experience with multiple battery chemistries from a cell level to a battery pack level including: NiMH, Pba, and Lithium. He also has expertise and familiarity with battery test procedures, and battery test equipment.