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Services and Capabilities

Eclipse Energy offers a broad spectrum of battery testing and analysis services that cover various chemistries, industries, and applications.  Our key testing assets include nearly 500 programmable test stations over a range of voltages and charge/discharge currents as well as various thermal control equipment including waterbaths, freezers, ovens, and programmable thermal cycling chambers.  Our board, management, and engineering staff have well over 100 years of accumulated battery engineering and testing experience and are perfectly positioned to support client projects from the simplest test to a complex product development or production validation program.

The value add of Eclipse Energy is that we act as a partner, not just a supplier.  Whether we are experienced experts in your need or if your need is unique and you are having trouble finding the needed support, our team is always willing to discuss your challenge and work towards a creative solution.  We are also ISO 17025 accredited and our certificate and scope can be found via the link on our website.  Please contact us today to discuss how we can help you solve problems and achieve your goals.  Visit our website, call us at 317-318-9993, or send your request for quote details to info@EclipseEnergy.us. 

The lists below include, but are not limited to, some of the key aspects of the areas we serve and our capabilities and expertise.


·         Lead acid (flooded, AGM, EFB, Bipolar, etc.)

·         Lithium ion (NMC, LFP, LTO, etc.)

·         Nickel-Zinc

·         Alkaline

·         Emerging and experimental

·         Cell, module, and battery pack

·         Cylindrical, pouch, prismatic 


·         Automotive (Starting, Lighting, & Ignition)

·         Electric & Hybrid Electric Vehicle

·         Industrial/Heavy Equipment (Forklift, golf cart, construction equipment, etc.)

·         Telecom

·         Data Center

·         Military


·         Battery testing

o   Industry standards

o   Customer standards

o   Customer specific

·         Lead-acid battery engineering & failure/warranty analysis

o   Tear down facility & 30 years expertise

o   Materials analysis via partner laboratories

·         Consulting

o   Battery design

o   Test planning

o   Supply chain

·         Validation planning & project management

·         Mechanical and abuse testing via partner laboratories

·         Battery integration & maintenance

·         Recycling and second-life solutions


·         Programmable test channels

o   0 TO 72 volts

o   0 to 1,000 amps single station

o   Up to 2,000 amps paralleled stations

·         Thermal control

o   Ovens, freezers, and programmable thermal cycle chambers

o   <1 ft3 to > 32 ft3 space per chamber

o   -70°C to 340°C range

o   Can custom build steady state ovens

o   Waterbaths (25°C to 75°C operation)

·         Various calibrated and reference meters, scales, calipers, gauges, etc.


·         Lead acid specifications

o   SAE: J537, J2801, J2185, J3060

o   EN: 50342-1, 50342-6

o   BCIS: -04, -05, -06, -14, -15, -22

o   IEC: 60896-11, 60896-21, 60896-22, 61427-1

o   JIS: D5301, D5302

o   Telecordia GR-4228

o   ABNT NBR: 15940, 15941


o   Various OEM specifications (GM, Ford, Toyota, Honda, etc.)

·         Lithium and other secondary specifications

o   Performance-based:

§  IEC: 61960-3, 62620

§  Telecordia GR-3150-CORE

o   Safety & abuse-based:

§  UN 38.3

§  IEC:  62281, 62133, 62619

§  UL:  1642, 2271, 1973, 2054

§  BATSO: 01, 02

§  Telecordia GR-3150-CORE

·         Commonly conducted tests:

o   Low rates/capacity (reserve capacity, 100-, 20-, 10-, 5-, 1-hr rates)

o   High rates (cold cranking amps, HPPC characterization)

o   Charge float

o   OCV stand

o   Parasitic drain

o   Case freeze

o   Drive cycle

o   Durability

§  Simple cycle life

§  Complex cycle life

§  Corrosion resistance

§  Micro cycling

§  Deep cycling

§  Waterloss