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At Eclipse Energy, we have expansive internal test capabilities, but we are much more than that.  Through our team’s deep expertise and our strategic network of test and services professionals, we can meet all your needs related to lead acid and lithium battery technology.  In addition to the traditional testing services below, we can provide tear down and failure analysis, data analysis and report generation, module and pack design & assessments, BMS design and trouble shooting, supply chain consulting, and battery integration and maintenance services.  We can also assist with battery recycling and second life solutions. 

Lead acid battery (Flooded, AGM, EFB, Bi-polar, GEL, ALC). For lead acid batteries, we test to common standards and custom profiles. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • SAE J537, SAE J240, SAE J2801, SAE J2185
  • EN 50342-1, EN 50342-6
  • BCIS-06, BCIS-14, BCIS-15, BCIS-22
  • IEC 60896-11, IEC 60896-21, 60896-22, IEC 61056-1, IEC 61427-1,
  • JIS D5301, JIS D5302
  • Telcordia GR-4228
  • ABNT NBR 15940, ABNT NBR 15941
  • USABC Manuals

Examples of tests include: Reserve Capacity (RC), Cold Cranking (CCA), 5 hour rates, 10 hour rates, 20 hour rates, Charge Acceptance, ½ CCA, Cranking Performance, and Dynamic Charge Acceptance (DCA). Additionally, these standards can include life cycle testing at various temperatures and rates. Applications of the batteries may include: Golf Car, Start/Stop, Motor Cycle, Starter, Heavy Duty, Telecommunications, Motive Power, Marine, Utility, Industrial, Renewable Energy, and UPS.

Other types of energy storage devices we test include: Lithium based cells, Nickel Metal- Hydride, Capacitors, and Alkaline cells. These energy storage devices also have their own set of common standards, although we often test to customized test procedures for these types of energy storage devices. For common standards, examples include but are not limited to:

  • USABC Manuals
  • ANSI C18
  • FreedomCAR
  • IEC61427-1

In addition to battery testing, Eclipse Energy often conducts studies on jump boxes, chargers, and other equipment that is frequently associated with batteries. We can do analysis of the overall system or how the components of the system interact with the battery. Commonly we are asked to perform evaluation chargers utilized with different models of batteries.